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2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified
2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified
2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified

2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified


Orders can be placed via the website OR direct via

If you'd like to place the order direct with us, we can send you a formal Quote+Invoice along with a digital SQUARE invoice to process payment.

Thank you for your interest in our Partner-Farm Verified flower. 

To add some strain variety and diversity for our clients, we've sourced local industrial hemp flower from legal, licensed farms that are also local to the Willamette Valley of Oregon. While not Certified-Organic like HEMPTEK, all farms who we work with use similar organic practices and techniques as us, which is critically important when working with neighboring farms. 

All flower has been hand harvested, dried/cured and machine trimmed. For more information on this specific strain/genetic, please see below as well as the pictures attached for sample COA's. 

Current Testing (see sample screenshot images in the product photos):

Total CBD:  13.2%
Total Cannabinoids:  15.8%
Delta-9 THC:  LOQ

Click HERE for the 2019 HEMPTEK Brochure.

More info/pics/videos on the farm can be found at the following links:

Features & Benefits:
• 14 Acres
• Certified-Kind Organic
• High CBD:THC Ratio Genetics (Less than .3% Delta-9 THC)
• Feminized Plants (no males)
• Raised Beds / Drip Irrigation
• Hand planted, weeded, harvested
• Latest in Technology

*Please let us know exactly what sort of qty’s you are looking for and the potential timing of your purchase so we can be responsive to your needs. We can also make ourselves available to jump on a call anytime.*

**As an FYI, our pricing is FOB from the farm, meaning you pay the direct cost of shipping. We can ship within a couple of days/same week as soon as funds are received. 

2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified

2019 Merlot | Partner-Farm Verified